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BRUTALADE II Fishing Reel Technology

Motivated by a tremendous passion for quality & fishing obsession bordering addiction, the creators of BRUTALADE have experience, tested & repaired almost every type of fishing reel on the face of the earth. Empowered by a lifetime of quality infatuation has lead to the design, development & testing of a new supreme class of fishing reel.  ​ Specifically engineered for the crash & bash of the blue water world, creators have innovated a series of technologies to specifically cater, Australia's toughest fishing conditions. With a background in engineering & a life time of fishing experience brings the introduction of BRUTALADE .  Though years of testing, innovation & in the constant pursuit of perfection, the creators have successfully developed the cornerstone technologies of reel performance. Over time, these innovative concepts have proven themselves in the field, providing unparalleled torque, stopping power & durability . These cornersto